Because there always has to be a first…


So this is the first post of my new blog Three-Point-Oh! It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out between the title and the About page what exactly has spurred reentry into blogdom but as an additional qualification/justification/rationale I’d like to say that I think bettter when I set things out.

My changing self has numerous projects either on the go or in a state of perma-gestation. Three-Point-Oh! is the evidence that they ever existed in the first place. Also, Manchester, the city I live in, is a pretty exciting place right now filled with a multitude of creative individuals, increasingly connected. Some of their exploits, I’m sure, will spill out onto here.

If there is any further need to explain the whys and what-fors of this blog, the phrase ‘because I can’ will have to suffice. My interests are intensely obsessive and stupidly varied, for which I can make no apologies. It’s a feature of my constantly renewing persona. Yours too, probably.

For now, I’m out.

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