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I’m not feeling so guilty about the length of time between updates because it stems from being really busy doing things I love. Of course, I’d like to have more time to create and to post but I also have a day job to fit in amongst it all. Still, one can dream. First, I’ve […]

Running. I tweet about running a fair bit but I haven’t blogged about it yet. I’ve got no intention of keeping a formal running blog. I’ve done that before and bored myself pretty quickly. But I will sneak on here and post about races I’m chuffed about or runs that terrify me. Just not formally […]

First, a quick note on the way I’ll write about games on this blog. Essentially, I’ll do it in an untimely fashion. I play games fairly often but I don’t tend to pick them up on the first day of release and, because life happens all around me, I don’t often complete them all in […]