Sex Idiot


I was lucky enough to see Sex Idiot at Contact Theater on Friday. I want to write at length about the performance but I won’t. It’s something you just have to see.

Sex Idiot is written and performed by Bryony Kimmings. It’s a one woman show that constructs its narrative from the author’s sexual history following her discovered contraction of a common STD. This uncompromising tour of said history also serves as a brutal examination of modern relationships, be they lengthy and significant or trivial and brief. The show is supremely funny, in the most uncomfortable way, and it’s painfully sad, but beautiful with it. Kimmings’ performed some of the best comedy I’ve seen in recent years, but I would in no way call it a comedy show. Sex Idiot is laced with songs and decked out in costumes that I still now find myself smiling at. However, the show’s comedic elements only serve to pull you in close enough to throw you off guard before levelling you with more intense and disturbing emotions. The show was autobiographical but in a universal manner that immediately caused me to examine my own behaviours and tendencies.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t advocate spending an evening drinking whiskey and lamenting lost love and poor choices, yet I was moved to do so during the course of Kimmings’ compelling performance and felt lighter for it. Besides, the booze was thrust upon me.

In the end, what I really adore about this project is that underneath the humour, alcohol, and bizarre musicality, Sex Idiot contains a blazing heart of unflinching hardcore performance art. I just loved it and I’ll be making an effort to catch another performance during this tour.

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