The Apocalypse – Call for Submissions


As you may know, I am part of Larkin’ About, a Manchester based pervasive gaming group supported by greenroom theatre.

Our next big event is on July 16th, July 2011. Here’s how you can get involved.




Want to be involved in the next Larkin’ About event? It’s the end of the world as we know it….

The Apocalypse is a pervasive narrative that will unfold on the streets of Manchester on Saturday 16th July from 12pm to sunset.

The story will be told through a series of pervasive/immersive happenings that range from theatrical events and installations, to games and last suppers, sightings and signs that will culminate in a large-scale public performance at sunset.

Larkin’ About is looking for submissions from artists who would like to contribute to the end of the world. The event will have a cross-media format, therefore any artform will be considered. Each element will contribute thematically to the apocalyptic narrative and will be encountered by the audience over the course of the day. Elements can take place in open public space or in site-specific locations within Manchester city centre.

Audience members will navigate The Apocalypse in small teams. The narrative as a whole will be ergodic: unravelling it will require a conscious effort on the part of the audience. This effort may be as ’simple’ as traversing Manchester’s city centre, or it may require the more focussed effort of puzzle solving. Game mechanics such as chases and races, collection and resource management, code breaking and puzzle solving, movement and role-play will all be used to lead teams to the various performances that will constitute The Apocalypse’s wider narrative. However, a prior knowledge of game structures will not be advantageous to the audience. The challenges they will face will be unique to the event, levelling the playing field.

About Us

Larkin’ About hosts a series of game-based events throughout the year, bringing playful experiences to the people of Manchester. Larkin’ About designs its own games under the name Doldrum, but also creates platforms for others to design and test games. Larkin’ aims to create a culture of sustainable game design and play within Manchester.

With The Apocalypse, Larkin’ About wants to give artists who specialise in the areas of performance, theatre, visual art and live art the opportunity to show their work as part of a larger context, where there is an element of challenge presented to the audience in finding the work.


We live in interesting times.

Every day we we are bombarded by things that threaten us: funding cuts, religious extremism, climate change, terrorism, the financial crisis, natural disasters… Collectively, as a society, we are fascinated by the end of the world (or at least the end of the world as we know it) and by the things that will bring about this change. The mythologies that make up our imagined histories and futures are full of versions of the apocalypse, from the four biblical horsemen to Mad Max, from 28 Days Later to Noah’s Ark. It is a narrative that we all know and that we look for in the events we see happening around us and across the globe.

But these stories are interspersed with hope; people resist and find ways to save the world. And, as in the fictions and myths that we all know so well, we see people resisting, people saving their worlds every day. Across the Middle East and North Africa popular protest movements are toppling dictatorships, closer to home student groups and unions march against cuts, strangers group together to protect access to forests. Around the world we see leaderless movements of everyday people doing what they can to save their worlds. Maybe, as never before in history, we are moving into an age when access to information and mass communication is empowering like-minded people and teaching us that together we can be stronger.

We can be our own heroes.

Submission Format



*A description of what you will do in less than 150 words

*A description on how this fits in to the larger narrative of The Apocalypse in less than 100 words

*Location of work. Must be in or walking distance from the city centre. This can be very specific e.g. ‘Piccadilly Gardens’, or vague, e.g. ‘a busy city open space’.

*Larkin’ About is applying for funding to cover the costs of The Apocalypse. We hope to be able to grant small commissions to chosen artists of up to £250 each. In the event that we do not receive support, please state whether you would still hope to be involved.

Please send to before Friday 2nd April 2011. If you would like to discuss your idea informally or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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