Off to igfest!


This weekend I’m off to Bristol’s mighty igfest, a festival of interesting games. I’m attending as both a designer with my fellow Larkin’ Agents as we debut our game Gate Crash. I’ll also be attending as a player. There are loads of games to look forward to and one in particular that I’m a little bit anxious about.

On Friday night, I’ll be hunted through the streets of Bristol by a horde of zombies during the headline igfest game 2.8 Hours Later.

Now, I have had a life-long love of all things zombie. I’ve played a lot of zombie-survival-horror games and enjoyed some super zombie trash cinema. However, I seem to have recently developed a quite severe fear of the walking dead. Really severe. Just in time for igfest.


2.8 Hours Later from SlingShot on Vimeo.

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