Post Less / Do More


I’m not feeling so guilty about the length of time between updates because it stems from being really busy doing things I love. Of course, I’d like to have more time to create and to post but I also have a day job to fit in amongst it all. Still, one can dream.

First, I’ve switched WordPress themes and changed the name of the blog. A quick search showed that my original blog title Three-Point-Oh! had been used far too many times already. This I learned just when I was feeling so pleased with it too. So I’ve changed the domain to and the title of the blog is now Running Breathing Gaming. It best sums up what I’m doing, I think, although I won’t be restricting my posts to these areas. After all, I’m a rounded individual 😉

Next, it’s worth mentioning that I’m now working more formally with Larkin’ About, the definitive Manchester based pervasive gaming group. You’ll see in the Current Projects section of this site that we’re working on an ARG we’re calling Stranger on the 11th Floor for our 26th February event. I’m really looking forward to this but it’s top secret for now. Stay tuned!

Another bit of news is that I have two games going live this week. The first is a commission for Action for Sustainable Living called Trafford: 365. The second is an iteration of 7:Candles:Mcr. This time, the game will be set in Old Trafford and run during Space Invaders, Let’s Go Gobal‘s pervasive gaming event for young people. This was quite fun to set up as the locations are all within about 5 mins of my front door.

Finally, I am working on another commission for AFSL/Chorlton Big Green Festival called 14 Days of Chorlton. This will run for 14 days, culminating on the day of the 2011 Chorlton Big Green Festival and is a version of my 2010 game 14 Days of Manchester. More on this as it nears completion.

Other than that, I’ve been running a lot in preparation for the Brighton Marathon and not playing Xbox. Only one of these things makes me happy.

Big Love.

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